Discerning Trial Attorneys For Your Business And Commercial Litigation Matters

Legal disputes can slow down or completely stop your business' productivity.  Whether you are running a corporation partnership, or sole proprietorship, unresolved conflicts can be an enormous drain on your company's resources.  In some cases, filing a lawsuit against the other parties may be the most effective solution.

Our lawyers are poised to provide efficient legal representation that is focused on your objectives.  Our trial attorneys will meet with you to discuss the facts of your circumstances so we can develop an effective legal strategy with your best interests at the forefront.

Our Successful Courtroom Experience Can Help Your Enterprise

At McNeill Von Maack, we have comprehensive experience taking business disputes before a judge, jury, or arbitrator with successful results. Our lawyers' diverse experiences and skill sets deliver the highest level of advocacy. Our trial lawyers can represent you and your company in matters such as:

Our hands-on approach and thorough preparation for each case provides our clients with critical advantages to their legal battle.  To every case, our sophisticated trial attorneys apply practical, in-depth knowledge pivotal to courtroom success.

Contact Us For High-Quality Representation

At McNeill Von Maack, our business and commercial litigation lawyers invest decades of trial experience into each case we take.  Serving closely-held corporations, boutique-business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and partnerships with high-quality legal representation and advocacy, our lawyers are licensed to practice in Utah, California and Nevada.

Call our office to help you get started on resolving your commercial dispute at 801-823-6464.  You may also reach out to us via email.